hey. guess what. i placed in the contest. the GOD thing that i talked about last time. yeah bitch. i was a RUNNER UP WOOOOO jokes aside though ive been really excited about that. super cool that my first time working with that 2D/3D combo blew up like that. i have more plans for that in the future, but im also learning more about shaders and geometry nodes and other nerd shit. including using a youtube tutorial to make a painterly shader.

this year's been really fun for me, art-wise. i won the art category in the TOONYs, i made the hellsinger fancomic and stuck with it til the end, i got my art featured in a lot of things- like the hellsinger anniversary image, the choice provisions twitter (and their discord server icon??)... im hoping i can start making some money off of my art soon, things are still kinda rough. but i mean... im happy.

im also trying to learn stuff in therapy for my brain, which making my brain Softer. im sure whatever funk i'm in will pass, and ill be better in the end... 'til then, i will try to maintain the basics and the FREAKING laundry and dishes. one must imagine tesran doing household chores

anyway. 3D animation is fun, but i dont wanna burn out. i can already feel that animation-rot creeping in, the same thing that poisoned 2D for me- having a bad workflow. maybe i should research more, figure out what works best for me so i dont end up with a hundred unfinished projects and half-assed models. also, figure out more about nodes and how to work with shaders. i did a lot of reading and video-watch on lightning boy, since i bought their shader over a year ago, but im now realizing how powerful it can be, and how much [chef kiss] mmmflavor it adds to animations. its like being a kid and discovering 2D shading again. can you believe i used to not shade my drawings because i 'didnt wanna spend all that time on it.' i almost repeated that mistake.

also, the new textures they have- which i hope was noticeable in the time between GOD and pista toma- were hand-painted and projected onto the models, then cleaned up afterwards. so far, only olani and tesh are done, but i'm really hoping to get hybrid tesh, mascel, mini, olani's work outfit, and maybe a few new characters.

this doesn't mean the end of my 2D animations though! i have that workflow problem i need to figure out, but blender is making animation so much easier... toonboom Baby Version makes coloring and cleanup so hard, so blender having more layers to work with means im actually enjoying some of the 2D wips i have cooking.

all that said... hope all is well. some day i might use these blog entries as something more than updates on my work, but honestly? i really just like making art. it takes up most of my brain, especially in stressful times. whether its art, animation, coding, writing, comic make, music, i dont know. i just want my hands moving at all times.

or playing rerunner.

there's always time for rerunner.