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Hi! Welcome to the GROOVE CORNER- my own personal website! Social media's no fun anymore, and nothing's customizable, so I decided to take matters into my own hands with my personal space. This site's full of fun stuff- and i'm still adding more! You can find my art, animation, projects, and a bunch of other things here.

My name is Tesran, but i usually just go by Tesh. I'm a 24 year old self-taught artist and animator with a few other things sprinkled in there. I usually like to work on original stuff, and I have a massive list of characters and stories. I love cartoony shapes, bright colors, and fun angles- so my art is usually full of that! A lot of my visuals are inspired by toony video games, 2000s flash videos lost to time, and whatever the hell was going on on MySpace.

I'm often lumped in with the furry community, despite not being a furry myself (though I do have animal and anthro characters), so if you're into that kinda stuff, my art might be of some interest.

check out more about me below!

things I do

art is probably my number one thing i do. i've been drawing since 2009-ish, when i saw toontown scenecore speedpaints on youtube. i started out with corel painter (whew...) and moved onto GIMP, then SAI, then photoshop. i've now landed on clip studio... who knows where my next adventure will take me

check out the gallery -> to see more

animation is a thing i like to do! i think im pretty good at it, but i still have a lot to learn (patience being the number one thing). i started animating in 2012, but started doing it more seriously in 2018. i started out with GIMP/SAI, painfully exporting PNGs to time by hand in movie maker or some early cracked version of vegas. yikes. i moved onto flash, then toon boom, which i still use... but i'm slowly migrating to blender, so we'll see what happens in the future!

check out the gallery -> to see some animations of mine- or, to see the full ones, check out my youtube!

i used to work on music, but i don't do it much anymore. i plan on picking it up again in the future! until then, you can download my albums in MP3 format, or in FLAC formathere or here!

i also LOVE to DJ- i wish i did it more often. that is definitely something i plan on picking up again, once i can get a license to use my hardware with virtualdj. check out a set i uploaded a while ago ->!

3D is something im still kind of new at. i started with vrchat models, and im now learning how to incorporate 3D into my animations. the first time i tried that was idioteque, and now i'm full-on heading into it with my new animations!

i like HTML and CSS stuff, and im currently learning JS. its something i started way back in the tumblr days- y'know, HTML editing for themes and such- but with social media taking a nosedive, i decided to build my own site. thankfully, there's tons of guides out there to help you learn HTML and CSS. i love browsing neocities to look at cool sites, get ideas and learn new stuff. its fun!

i have a lot of stories. someday i'll have the oomph to describe them in more detail, but my toyhouse has a bunch of folders and characters. currently filling that out more. for now, theres:


where my sona lives, basically where i keep adopts and other characters that dont quite fit into other stories


a story of two twins, exiled from their home... but they can prove themselves worthy of coming back, right?

closer to home

an alien bounty hunter comes to earth in search of revenge. and family, too.

travis trilogy

a kid gets stuck with a paranormal mermaid buddy.

creature with a thousand eyes (cwate)

corrie rex has to escape their family or become the next sacrifice to a Fucking Creachure


robots given sentience like to be treated like normal people. they're not. it doesn't go well.

venus lyte

evil doctor (who is also a game developer??) traps people in his VR hell.


a group of teenagers go into an abandoned warehouse to explore, unaware that there's a Scary Dude in there...

things I like

note: some of these have links, which means they have a shrine!

  • sonic
  • Sonic is probably one of the earliest things I remember seeing. One of the first games I ever played was Sonic Advance 3, which I nearly 100%'d 'til I lost my Gameboy. I've since found another one, so... I'll get on that, sometime. My favorite characters are probably Gemerl, AOSTH-era Robotnik, and Espio! As for the games, I'm a big fan of Mean Bean Machine, Spinball, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Advance 3.

  • BIT.TRIP is an indie game series created by Choice Provisions. It was a game I played when i was around 11 years old, and it stuck with me ever since. CommanderVideo is one of my favorite characters ever created, and it's been a source of inspiration since I beat Runner way back then. Check out my BIT.TRIP page, it's pretty neat I think!

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Another old game from my childhood, i remember playing the first Crash on the original playstation way back in... whatever year. My favorite though, by far, is Twinsanity. I've played and 100%'d it several times, and each time i have a blast until i get to the shitty ant part. I've always had a soft spot for the villains in that game, probably because they're all incredibly stupid in fun ways. N. Gin is my favorite, of course. Cortex is close behind.

  • ToonTown
  • I've been playing ToonTown since 2008, and am still actively playing on the ToonTown Rewritten server! My main has always been a red cat named Katie Cue (now shortened to Katie, since TTR won't let me have the full name ?). there's a big soft spot in my heart for the silliness of the series, the absolutely top-notch character design (VP, my beloved!), and just. how fun it is, despite the grindy-ness of it. Still on my quest for a max-laff toon, working on golf, racing, and maxing my suits. God help me.

  • Guilty Gear
  • though i don't play it much anymore, and never really played it in the first place, Guilty Gear is a super fun and interesting series. boyfriend got me into it, and i would probably say its one of his favorite series by far. even though the story is crazy to keep up with, the characters are so cool and, honestly, inspiring. guilty gear as a whole inspired me to become better- even if it takes a while to get there. if you know anything about me, you know faust is my favorite!

  • Metal: Hellsinger
  • Currently hyperfixating on this game like hell. Haha. no pun intended. I've been listening to metal music since i was a kid, and i love demons and skeletons and whatever, so like. this game was made for me, basically. Fell very in love with the characters and story, but there's not a lot of fan content to be found, so I took it into my little autistic hands to make an entire fan comic for it. Everything I Didn't Know I Knew is a 40-page webcomic about some of the characters and their backstories. be warned: it's full of spoilers! maybe you should play the game first... eh? ehh?

  • indie games
  • such a broad, broad, BROAD topic, indie games are what got me so into the kinds of art i produce now. fun and unique styles, crazy mechanics and premises, profound messages, all hidden behind a few people's brains. some day i'll have to make a list of games that stick with me.

  • rock/metal
  • look i know some people don't like 'em lumped together but i dont have a lot of Knowledge on where the line is drawn. feel free to educate me or give me suggestions, if you wanna!
    anyway, some bands i like are coheed, SOAD (& serj's earlier solo stuff), pentakill, highly suspect, lorna shore, skip the use, shiny toy guns, ELO

  • EDM of all sorts (specifically hardcore/rave)
  • something im way more knowledgable in, but if i listed all the genres i like this list would go on forever. some notable ones: stromae, caravan palace (their earlier stuff), S3RL, dune, pendulum, DJ laugh/roughsketch, LVL1, infected mushroom, danger, carpenter brut, perturbator, daft punk

  • game OSTS
  • crash twinsanity, bit.trip, metal: hellsinger, everhood, guilty gear, sonic... so many.

  • other
  • not sure where these guys fall: elsiane, foster the people, born gold, original god, glass animals

    a bit more of a specific thing, i get very, very attached to characters when i like a series. some notable ones:


    i'll update this later uhhweweeee