version 1.5

Welcome to the early version of the MHS randomizer! This is just a fun project for me to try and learn javascript, really. However, it does make things fun when you wanna do a run and can't figure out what to do.
Disclaimer: this is version 1.5. That means it works, but there's still a lotta work I have to do, including:

  • Add filters for Dream of the Beast, Essential Hits, & Purgatory
  • basically, the options to turn them on or off & exclude those from results.
  • fix loadout and sigils so they cant display two of the same thing.
  • make this page prettier.

if theres any glitches, typos or other mistakes, feel free to message me on discord and i'll try to fix whatever it is. thanks!

big mcthankies to sadgrl for the layout and js, and my husband for helping me put this together

Reroll the...

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